Elements Active Ingredients

Olive Leaf Extract
Nourishes and purifies skin while calming irritation and reducing sun & wind damage.

Rich in vitamins and minerals to boost skin & hair.

Renowned for centuries as an ideal anti-inflammatory & antibacterial herb.

Hydrates & nourishes while protecting from harsh environments.

Soothes skin irritation and reduces swelling with high levels of ascorbic acid.

Goji Berry
Maintains youthful and radiant skin with Vitamins C and E and 11 essential minerals.

Great for sensitive or damage scalp due to antiseptic & antifungal properties.

Acai Berry
Slows the effects of aging by replenishing lost moisture.

Clary Sage
Help prevent acne by balancing sebum production with this essential oil for skin.

Grape Seed Oil
A fantastic all-rounder for skin care & repair, rich in linoleic acid.

Pumpkin Seed Oil
Creates a synergistic environment with other elements to boost effects.

Rice Barn
High levels of Vitamin E and fatty acids for deep moisturising.

Enhances skin & hair cells by strengthening blood circulation.


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