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Our Story

Pure Essense is Australia’s most celebrated skin care to the accommodation industry. We pioneered the science for delivering high-performance skin care through our research of nature’s active botanicals and modern technology.

Our achievements have been recognized and endorsed by more than 100+ hand written testimonials. This is more testimonials than all the combined amenity companies in Australia. We have helped people that suffer with psoriasis, eczema and relieving those with scalp eruptions that medicine has failed to remediate. While many are just seeking for beautiful and manageable hair.

However, success is a poor Teacher. Only through pain and failures do you really learn what you are truly capable of achieving.

So my story begins when I was a teenager in the 70’s, growing up with painful and embarrassing experience with acne. My desperation to rid of them lead me on a haphazard journey of trying every medical cream and shampoos I could find. Frustrated as the treatment often compounded other problems like red and inflamed itchy skin and dryness.

By the 80’s, I was an avid skin care fanatic and I knew that this was my calling in life. That one day, I would make great skin care and help others with their skin problems. By this stage, I had used every major brand on the market. Shisheido, Simple, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Helena Rubinstein, Elizabeth Arden, Pevonia, Thalgo, Skeyndor, Neutrogena and the likes.
Never truly content with the results, I embarked on a journey to seek the truth. There must be a better way.

I enrolled into various skin care courses, cosmetic chemistry, soap making and aromatherapy studies to better understand the dynamics between essential oils, plant botanicals and modern actives. I travel the world visiting many beauty and organic expos, learning about the latest skin care technology and emerging trends. Some trends were fads and didn’t live up to the hype. Many a times, I experimented on my face and trial these new magic potions to test their efficacy. But the age of 30, I was making skin care in my kitchen, trying out different concoctions and testing them on my poor unsuspecting family and friends. This was also the time that I saw an opportunity to showcase my effective skin care for the accommodation industry, an industry fraught with inferior products.

But at the pinnacle of my career, tragedy struck. I had lost my sense of smell caused by a series of illnesses from the flu. I had developed chronic sinusitis and had surgery on my nose to no avail. This was my low point in my life. How was I going to develop skin care without this important sensory perception? Yet through this stressful time, it is amazing how the brain can rewire itself, if you choose not to give up. What I lost in scent, I gained in intuition. Similarly, like a blind person who has heightened awareness of sound and touch, my challenge became my blessing in disguise. Like Beethoven creating the 6th Symphony when he was nearly deaf, I realise I could create scents and perfumes with only my imagination.

Previously, using my sense of smell to create, I was bound by my limitations of what was familiar and what I already knew. No longer having this sense to rely on, I only had my Imagination to guide me. However, the imagination is non-judgmental, and it knows of no boundaries, limitations or preconceived rules. Hence my mind was allowed to wander and explore new ideas that I never thought were possible.

Many of our beautiful perfumes were constructed from the delicate balance of using up to 10 different fragrance and essential oils. Which is why our ranges are so unique and the scents so hypnotic, it will seduce you and transcend you to a place where a Sensory adventure awaits. Where no two scents are the same, as you ease into an aura of aphrodisiac pleasure; while each product takes you deeper into a cocoon of blissful happiness and serenity.

Fast forward to the present, I continue to be passionate, authentic and ever evolving our products. I continue to hone my skills and experiment with new botanicals and actives, no longer from my kitchen but from our purpose-built Laboratory in Noble Park.

My unwavering goal remains true today as when I was 20, to authentically help people to feel good about their skin and hair. I dedicate my heart and soul and curate this collection of desirable skin care for you. I hope you enjoy using Pure Essense as much as I had fun making them.

Knowing that these were made from love and imagination and a little bit of luck.

Be YOUtiful !!

Love and Best Wishes,

Robert Leung