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Innovation Patent

Innovation Patent Granted

An innovation Patent was granted to Promocean Australia in 2008 for the revolutionary design of a Scent Release packaging box. This is used in our 120gm boxed Hand made soaps. It allows scent to be released when the box is squeezed on its side, allowing the consumer to experience first hand the scents of the product, while protection the soap from contaminants and handling. This innovation allowed the soap to be hygienically sealed without compromising the visual appeal.

Pure Essense retail outlet in Taiwan

The debut launch of Pure Essense in Tapei, Taiwan in April 2010 was covered by all local media and created buzz and excitement. Pure Essense outlets are found in the Prestigious 101 building and Takashimiya department store.

Olivia Ong - Celebrity Jazz Singer Singapore

Celebrity Jazz singer, Olivia Ong from Singapore endorsed our Pure Essense product at the opening of our latest store at Breezes in Taiwan, September 2010.

Marriot Hotel- Advertising Pure Essense

Marriot Hotel advertising in Donna Hay magazine dated Oct/Nov 08 issue using Pure Essense Pampering packs.

Gift Awards 2008

Awarded "the best gift product or range" for Pure Essense Handmade soaps.

July 2023 | Kathy | VIC

Dear Robert,
Thank you so much for the supply of your body lotion. Its a beautiful product & will be used with much pleasure due to its beautiful & unique smell.
Kind regards

June 2023 | Kellie Leslie | NSW

I wanted to reach out to say thank you for creating such lovely products. I recently stay at Miramare Gardens for a friend's wedding and after using the products in the bathroom - I loved them so much & had to track them down to use at home. Your green tea shampoo + pomelo conditioner is absolutely divine! I went online and purchased a set for home - your customer service team were super helpful in assisting me so that I chose the same items as in my hotel room. My hair has never felt need to use any extra serum or heat sprays. A big thank you from me!
- Kellie xx

April 2023 | Diane Johnstone | VIC

Dear Carrie & Robert,

Thank you for your beautiful products & your support & kindness through this healing part of my cancer journey.
I first came across your Pure Essense Liquis range when I was holidaying at the Yarra Valley Motel, where they supplied us with complimentary samples of your Liquis range. I found the shampoo & conditioner made my hair feel so soft, & look shinier, it also didn't irritate my scalp as many other brands of shampoo & conditioner have done in the past.
I found the aromatics of the shampoo, conditioner & body lotion to be gently floral with a hint of spice, which I found soothing. My skin was appreciative of the body lotion which did not leave a greasy residue behind, as a lot of other moisturisers do.
I continue to use your Pure Essense Liquis range as my hair & skin benefit greatly.

Thank you again Robert, Carrie & Team

January 2023 | Linda Mckenzie | VIC

Dear Mr Robert Leung,
I am writing this handwritten Testimonial to tell you how much I enjoyed using the samples of your SPA range whilst on my stay cation in Warrnambool, Vic. (Blue Water Deep Springs Hotel) I did not pack my usual Shampoo + Conditioner thinking that because I was only staying for three nights I would not need them. But next day I did need Shampoo and conditioner so I used the SPA samples that were provided by the hotel. I was so surprised. My hair was more lustrous and moisturise than usual, I was hoping that you provided your products to the public and not just commercially like hotels. My husband looked up your website (I don't know how being a Baby Boommer) and we didn't realise that you had skin care as well as shampoo and conditioner. I have extremely sensitive skin and I tried the gifts that you sent me, and so far so good. Time will tell if the good efforts are lasting because it has happened to me before, having such sensitive skin, but so far so good. (We got your phone number from the back of the samples I tried). Thank you for your prompt delivery and courteous service.
Yours Faithfully,
Linda. J. McKenzie

September 2022 | Siew Fern |Singapore

I stumbled upon Pure Essense while on a holiday in Melbourne. The hotel where I was staying provided SPA range toiletries from Pure Essense. I was especially impressed by the SPA Pomelo Conditioner - I could feel the difference it made to my hair (light & soft) every time after using it. Upon my return to Singapore, I searched for Pure Esssense online and was excited to know that they sell to retail customers too and have a much wider range of products besides the SPA range and ordered online. I tried the Regenerative Skincare range - Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Triple Anti-Oxidant Boost Face Serum and Face & Body Moisturiser. The cleanser had a great smell and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed after using. I love the face serum as it was quickly absorbed by the skin, and I can feel my pores tightening yet it felt soft and nourished thereafter instead of a drying effect. Ending off with the moisturizer, it was light and had a nice powdery smell and my face felt tenderly cared for. I now enjoy my daily skincare ritual, and using face serum and moisturiser consistently, something that I did not do in the past. I have a combination of sensitive and oily skin and it was good to note that there were no allergic reactions whatsoever. The SPA Pomelo conditioner continues to be really nice to use, a loving treat for my hair. Looking forward to try more stuff from the other ranges. Overall, I am delighted by the superior quality of Pure Essense botanical products and that they are made available at an accessible price point.
It had been a memorable holiday for me in Melbourne, and to discover Pure Essense definitely was one of the gems of the trip.
Thank you!
Siew Fern

May 2022 | Robyn | NSW

Hello to the Team at Pure Essense,
Im writing to say Thank You for creating such a wonderful array of specialised and luxurious products!
I recently located hidden away in a travel bag, a 30ml tube of Spa "Body Wash"- Pure Essense. The fragrance was Rosemary & Olive. I decided to use the body wash straight away and to my delight, I was captivated by the fragrance which was fresh, alive and invigorating. The lather was a texture neither too thin or too thick. It created a perfect effect for body cleansing.
I enjoyed the products so much, I suggested to my family just how much I would really like a larger bottle for my birthday gift! Hence, I was overjoyed to receive the one litre pump bottle in the Rosemary & Olive fragrance as my gift.
I have also used (30ml tube of) SPA Body lotion in Olive. Also a lovely fragrance. It doesn't leave a greasy residue and penetrated into my skin perfectly well and quickly. In addition, I also now use the Sensory Lab Hand Sanitiser ( 60ml size). The texture is Gel-like and is Anti-bacterial with the formula being in accordance with the health regulations. I carry this little bottle in my bag and use it frequently, never has it dried my skin. as other sanitisers have done!! It also has a pleasant fragrance.
I have been very impressed with the selection of products available. I have yet to try many more and intend to do so. Which I am looking forward to the experience and enjoyment!
Kind regards
Robyn Sydney

October 2021 | Leah Haddy "Bluey" | NSW

Umm.. WHY IS NO ONE RAVING ABOUT THIS HONESTLY!? Where has this been all my life & why has no one told me! This Synergenetic Skin Therapy Cream is honestly the HOLY GRAIL! This video is a must watch!
Head over to my Channel to see the full video featuring @pureessense!
Be Positive & Give Love!

Click here to watch the full video from "Bluey" featuring Synergenetic Skin Therapy

September 2021 | Leah Haddy "Bluey" | NSW

I received my order from Pure Essense & I'm so excited to show you all! Join me while I unbox some Beautiful Body Essentials that remind me so much of home, The Bush.
Head over to my Channel Bluey's Inspirations to see the Full Video Featuring @pureessense!
Be Positive & Give Love!
Bluey! Xx

Click here to watch Bluey's Video on Sacred Life Range Unboxing

August 2021 | Tuyet | SA

Dear Robert & Carrie

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!! for your amazing products! I was first introduced to the Synergenetic Range, loved the skin lotion so much I have since ordered a 1 Litre bottle for my daily use. I'm currently using the Regenerative Face Recovery Serum and the Regenerative Skin Therapy.

I must say I am very impressed with how my skin looks and feels. My face instantly feels refresh as soon as I apply and I've definitely noticed how smooth and healthy my face looks, even without make up!

Thanks again for introducing me to your fantastic products. It's now part of my daily skin care routine.

Love Tuyet

July 2021 | David Terelink | QLD

I discovered the Sacred Life range of products last October when staying at the Longreach Motor Inn on an outback road trip. I immediately loved the unique fragrance of the Certified Australian Botanicals and how they felt on the body. I couldn’t wait to order the range when I arrived home. Now I won’t use anything else. My second order arrived from pure essense today. As always, I was delighted with the fast & free postage, and the superior service offered by this company.

Pure Essense Facebook Review

June 2021 | Imee | VIC

Carrie & Robert,

Hope you guys are doing well. I just want to thank you for giving me a chance to try all your amazing products. I am amaze on the quality of all your range.

My favourite is the SENZU range as I really enjoy the smell. Your sanitiser also smells amazing & non-drying. COntinue to make wonderful products. I hope you can reach more people so they can also enjoy your hotel quality products!

Again, thank you! Stay Safe!


June 2021 | Tuyet | SA

What are the essentials in your handbag? For me I never leave home without hand gel and disinfectant wipes. These Sensory Lab sanitiser hand gel and disinfectant wipes @pureessense are the perfect travel size to fit in my handbag. With young kids who touch EVERYTHING then want to eat constantly when we’re out, these are so handy for me to wipe and gel their hands before they eat. The gel has a refreshing smell to it (described by my 11 year old when she used it!) and leave your hands smelling great. The wipes are also handy to disinfect surfaces, remove dirt and grime.
The hand sanitiser gel and disinfectant wipes are:
1. Antibacterial (75% alcohol)
2. kills 99.9% germs
3. contains aloe Vera so soothing on hands
4. dermatologically tested
5. not tested on animals

May 2021 | Melissa G

My Whole family love this

We came across this brand when it was provided at an accommodation we stayed at. It is very rare that I use a hotel supplied shampoo and even rarer that it is good! This impressed all 3 of us in the family. Next step was to come home and research it I could buy it online, which obviously I have. Great nourishing shampoo.

Melissa G.

April 2021 | SuanLee | Sydney

Dear Carrie and Robert
I love your amazing products! I have been using Regenerative Face Recovery Serum and face moisturiser for 3 months now. These are the hidden gems! I must thank you for your skin care invention. My face has improved a lot, especially on my thirsty dry skin. The scent blend well with my skin and relax my tired eyes too.

The packaging is light, made it easy to carry everywhere I go. I feel more moisturised, glow and younger. I am happy sharing Pure Essense to my family and friends

Thank You Suanlee April 2021

October 2020 | Kylie Anderson | VIC

To the Pure Essense Team,

I was thrilled to be able to purchase Pure Essense products online after experiencing the Sacred Life range at an accommodation venue in Melbourne. The products are luxurious to use and the scents incredible.
I received a gift from the Regenerative range with my purchase. I have been unable to stop using this amazing range. A special thank you to Carrie who made it a joy to interact with your company.
Your now loyal customer
Kylie Anderson

August 2020 | Brigit Wilbury | QLD

Hi Guys,
Thanks so much for making such beautiful sacred life products. I came across them in my travels to North QLD for a short break. Really appreciated the integrity of them. Great Service and they arrived with a gift package too - which was truly wonderful as I got a speeding fine at the same time ( 60 in a 50 zone - not that bad) LOL
Keep Safe and Happy
Brigit Wilbury

August 2020 | Gloria Vandenberg | Vic

Att: Carrie,
Hi my name is Gloria Vanderberg. While in isolation I had run out of body lotion and retreated to using my complimentary Samples I had got at a Motel of your Sacred Life Body lotion. I have very dry chronic skin problems due to Medications and age. I used your body lotion on my heels and feet and felt instant relief. So smooth and refreshed and loved the beautiful scent. So happy with the product I ordered it in 1000ml size, Body lotion and Wash.
Very pleased with the results, just need to be consistent in putting it on regularly.
Thank you for the prompt service and beautiful product.
Stay Safe in these crazy and challenging times
Regards Gloria Vanderberg

August 2020 | Diana Watson | NSW

To the Directors of Pure Essense Cosmeceuticals, 44-46 Overseas Drive Noble Park North Vic 3174

Dear Carrie and Robert Leung, I want to thank you for making such unique and beautiful hand made soap, with such versatile uses. I use the Honeycomb and Antidote, not only is it fantastic for people with sensitive skin but for another use I have discovered and tested over the past five years, especially the honeycomb! I have and allergy to several substances, including most toothpaste and since a dentist once told me he always cleans his patients dentures with soap and water, I started using your Honeycomb body soap bar on my tooth brush. It tastes wonderful with honey and orange "freshness" aftertaste, I just love it and would recommend it to everybody who loves the feel and taste of sparkling dentures and a clean fresh mouth. My mother used to say " she would wash my mouth out with soap if I told fibs!". I wish she had known about your honeycomb (orange flavour) body bar soap, so I could "poke my tongue out at her" for more !! p.s
Again thank you so much for producing it! and this is absolute truth!
Yours faithfully
Diana Xanadu Watson

March 2020 | J. Wilkie | Victoria

Dear Robert, I first used your Antidote hand soap at Vue Apartments in Geelong. After meeting with you and your wonderful wife, I know cleanse my face with this beautiful soap using the Regenerative Face Recovery Serum, Synergenetic Moisturiser, Olive hand and body lotion and the Green tea shampoo.
These products so soothing with such lovely fragrances. Thank you for the amazing results, my daughter and I are very happy customers who now feel great with our skin and hair!
Many thanks Jan.

February 2020 | Marie Maido | NSW

Thank you "Pure Essense"
I first discovered your magical products through a friend of mine who owns HIGH END VILLAS in the Hunter Valley where your Sacred Life Products are supplied to her guests. I have ordered Desert Quandong body wash twice now in large pump bottles and have not been disappointed. The pure, natural scent is so very calming & the quality of the wash is smooth, lavish & silky. I highly recommend this body wash as it is luxurious.

Marie Maido

2019 December Leenah Khor | Menzies Creek | VIC

Dear Pure Essense Team,

I m loving the results from my first 'Regenerative Face Recovery Serum'. I am only halfway through my first small bottle and will be ordering a few more to keep me going for a few more months!

I use it every morning and night and am seeing my face and neck firm up as well as developing a healthy grow.
Friends have commented that my face looks amazing (I am 55 years old) and that I look like I have lost weight. Actually I haven't but probably with my face looking firmer and skin is taunt it looks like I have!! What a bonus and just in time for Christmas too!!
Anyway, this is a little note to say MANY THANKS and keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,
Leenah Khor
Menzies Creek

August 2019 Julie Dronsky NSW

I have been a customer of Robert and Promocean since 2012 when I first tried the SPA range of hair products while staying at a Hunter Valley Hotel. To this day I am still using these products and although from time to time try other brands, I always go back to the Green Tea shampoo and the Pomelo Conditioner that is so gentle and cleansing to my fine delicate hair and gives noticeable volume.
Not only do I endorse these amazing products that are based on natural and organic ingredients, I also use the Regenerative Face Serum with very noticeable results. It is packed with antioxidants, firms the skin and is a boost to my daily moisturising regime.
Robert and his team have really looked after me for all these years and the customer service is outstanding.
Thank you Robert for your continuing support.
Best regards

Jule Dronsky
Sydney NSW

August 2019 Bev Dundas NSW

Hello Robert and Lauren
Thank you for making my husband's and my weekend away in the Statesman Hotel Canberra in March even better than we expected because of your fantastic Sacred Life shampoo & conditioner, I just love it. My hair has never been more soft. I loved this product so much I just had to have some at home.
I spend time ringing up the Hotel to find out how I could access Sacred Life and through them have now ordered 1 Ltr of each. I'm a very happy women.
Thank you for such a wonderful product that is all natural with a wonderful aroma. Extra gift were beautiful. Great Product.

Thanks Bev Dundas
p.s I will continue to buy

February 2019 Debra Dichburn

To the wonderful team at Promocean,
Just a quick note to comment on the Sacred Life products and the Regenerative Serum. Such wonderful products.
I have noticed a significant difference in my skin since using them. It feels fresher, softer and more hydrated.
I will be recommending them to others, as well as remaining a loyal customer myself.
Thank you


February 2019 Annie Bruce Vic

Hello Robert and Lauren,
We seemingly had the pleasure of a weekend stay in Metung Gippsland, where we were able to experience your beautiful products part of Synergenetics range. The Shampoo and conditioner is not only leaving my hair silky and smooth but also smelling beautiful.The body lotion absorbed quickly and the moisturising effect lasted all day. Loved the facial moisturiser, it will became part of my daily beauty regime. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase these items through your company.

Kind Regards,
Annie Bruce

January 2019 Jamie Vic

Dear Promocean

I've tried your 1 litre Shampoos and they are outstanding quality. They all smell lovely and make my hair so soft and shiny. Better than supermarket shampoo and I love your handmade soaps. They smell divine, way better than supermarket soap. I will continue to buy your products. Keep up the outstanding work on your products

From Jamie

Sept 2018 Jean Bailey

" Your skin looks amazing, what have you been using? This was a comment from my friend of mine recently. For the last 3 months I have started using the Regenerative Face Serum on a daily basis. My face normally breaks out with the start of any facial care routine and I find after 2 weeks I have go back to just washing my face with water. Not only that I suffer from breakouts on my face and neck. Doesn't matter what I used I just had to deal with them and cover it up the best I could.

I was given a bottle of the Face Serum to try. Was told to use if for a few weeks and report back on how your face responds to it. The first week I noticed the serum had started to soothe the inflamed spots on my neck. By the second week I did'nt have any further outbreak and what was left was healing and going away. 3 weeks on and there was no sign of another breakout. At 4 weeks I was given the Pure Essense Antidote cleansing facial bar. Not only does this smell amazing but the lather it produces is the most creamy, smooth luxurious lather. Again I was expecting my face to react but surprising I haven't had a break out yet. The antidote left my skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth. There was no drying effect at all. Between the use of the Antidote cleansing bar and the Face Serum, my pores have reduce, my overall skin texture has improved and I have had no further facial breakouts. I will happily recommend these products to any of my friends

J Bailey

August 2018 Christine Scott

Dear Robert,
I just want to write and say how much I love the products, particularly the Synergenetic Face/Skin Therapy. I love the fragrance particularly and it's consistency - not too oily yet smooth and hydrating. The Foaming cleanser is also my favourite.
Thanks again for contacting me to enable me to purchase these beautiful products.

Kind regards
Christine Scott

July 2018 Tina Dam Vic

Dear Robert & Lauren,
While staying at the Silver waters resort at Phillip Island, my husband and I tried your Pure Essense " SPA range". We both liked it so much, I contacted you by email to inquire whether we could buy these products. I thank you for your prompt reply to my emails and great customer service. Now we are enjoying the SPA range Green tea shampoo, Pomelo conditioner and Rosemary & olive body wash at home. After your recommendation, I also purchased the Regenerative Face serum with the gifts as a generous surprise. I want to let you know how much I liked the Regenerative Foaming cleanser and Skin Therapy day lotion. I love the fragrance of the day lotion, it makes my face feel fresh, clean and renewed.

Thank you once again

Kind regards
Tina Dam

May 2018 Maureen Thearle NSW

Hello Robert and also to your daughter. My sincere apologies to you both for my very later reply for your generous gifts. I have a heart condition and I have been sick, which prevented me from replying to you both. The products were great and my Grand daughter loved her shower caps. I found the Regenerative Skin Therapy to be the best for my skin. It is beautiful and silky to put on my face. The other moisture face cream was very good as well. It is very difficult to choose between the two! I found that the Synergenetic was really good too, but the Regenerative face lotion was my favourite. My Grand daughter loved all the body lotions you so kindly put in for her. I asked her which one she liked the best and she said the 'Senzu", but then she said, she loved them all! I want you both to know that I really appreciate the Skin Therapy ( face lotions ). They were a real treat for me as I don't buy such beautiful products. When I was putting on the lotions on my face, I became teary as it made me feel good after I put them on. I think it is excellent that your daughter takes an interest in your business!!
Kind regards
Maureen Thearle

March 2018 Heather Burrough

Pure Essense SPA

Dear Sir,
I'd just like to thank you for making our stay in Melbourne extra lovely! How?? The Olive SPA body lotion soothed my tired feet after spending the day shopping. Over 17,000 steps my Iwatch told me!! Such a lovely product and I'm thrilled to have been able to purchase from you.
Sincerely and Grateful
Heather Burrough

Feb 2018 Meryl Jones

Hello Robert,
Had the chance to try the Sacred Life products during a recent stay at the Royce Hotel in Melbourne. So impressed that I've now ordered 1 litre bottles of all four and can't wait to arrive at my home in Perth.
Thanks for making such great products.
Meryl Jones.

Feb 2018 Josie Robinson

8 February 2018

Dear Robert,
We first discovered your SPA product while staying at Hepburn Springs and immediately fell in love with them. We stuffed our bags with all the products we could find.
Back in New Zealand we had to do a lot of research to try and locate these products again. Thankfully Robert, you responded and after weeks of back and forth emails, you made it possible for us to continue to enjoy these wonderful products.
Thank you for slipping in a little gift to sweeten our purchase as we dealt with exchange rates and very expensive trans-tasman freight.
What service! and on top of fantastic products. Your passion in your business is obvious and I look forward to your operating in other countries.
Thanks again,
Josie Robinson
Gregg Lott
New Zealand

Jan 2018 Stuart Evans England

Hi Robert,
I felt compelled to write as I have been so impressed with the service I have received from you and Pure Essense. In January 2017, I made my first ever visit to Melbourne. I came to watch Roger Federer play in the Australian Open. Not only was I fortunate enough to witness first hand my hero win the Grand Slam but I was also lucky to stay in a hotel that used your products. I ask the hotel if I could take home some samples for my wife. She absolutely loved the shampoo and conditioner (SPA RANGE). I promised her that should I ever visit Melbourne again then I would bring back a suitcase full of Pure Essense! So, here I am in January 2018 - watching Roger Federer, soaking up the sun and most importantly stocking up my case with your wonderful SPA products!! But not only are your products NOT tested on animals (This is really important to me and my wife) but you and your team delivered the Green Tea shampoo and Pomelo conditioner to my hotel. Incredible service.
Thank you. You and your team have provided a friendly, professional and outstanding level of service that can only be matched by Mr Federer himself. That's how highly I rate you guys. I cannot recommend you enough. Get yourself over to the UK!
Best regards

Nov 2017 Yin Chen

Dear Robert
In recent months, my face had lost its usual vibrancy. I think the office air conditioning and heating has taken its toll and the stress of life was showing. My usual trusty moisturiser had lost its effectiveness. When I shared this with you, you recommended the Regenerative Face serum and the Synergenetic Skin Therapy moisteriser. They were truly the Dynamic Duo !!
Immediately, my skin felt supple, absorbing all the moisture. Then over the week, my face regained its radiance with fine lines minimalised. Now, over a month of using these two products, I can't thank you enough for your recommendation.
I know you will find great success as more people discover these therapies.
Best regards

Nov 2017 Debbie Peters

Hi Robert
Just a short note letting you know the products I ordered arrived and I am enjoying them. My husband has a bottle in his bathroom as well. He helps our son in his business which is a manual labour job outdoors. He smells lovely and clean and fresh after his well earned shower each day. I don't normally use the products provided in motels. I did use yours because I forgot to pack my own and I'm very glad I did. I love the smell and freshness on my skin. I wish you and your family a happy Christmas celebration together.
My other son, wife are coming up from Melbourne (their first Xmas as husband and wife) very special for us all.
Thank you once again.
Fond regards
Debra Peters

Sept 2017 Diane Wilkinson

Thank you for sharing your amazing Sacred Life range. The smells and the product were divine and I was so thrilled when I could purchase the products to take my holiday home. Sacred Life do match that iconic only Australian scent of our wonderful outback. Thoroughly divine and decadent to use, a pure delight.

Cheers Diane Wilkinson

Sept 2017 D. Herdegen

27th Sept 2017

Dear Robert,
I earlier returned from a road trip where I stayed in numerous over-night accommodations,toiletries samples left in the bathroom varied.
It was during this trip that I came across some hair shampoo, conditioner and body wash that I felt quite remarkable.
These products - Sacred Life range of Lemon Myrtle shampoo, Kakadu Plum conditioner and Desert Quandong body wash, followed by Lilly Pilly body lotion.
My hair had become extremely dry after numerous washes in different water and hair products. On this particular occasion after using your products, I was amazed at how shiny soft and clean it felt. I felt no dryness, totally different from previous washes. The body wash, I loved its clean refreshing perfume.
On arrival home I contacted Promocean and enquired how I could obtain these products. They promptly advised me they could supply them as well as the " Regen" facial cleanser and moisturiser products if I wished to try them. I happily agreed as the other products were so good.
After using the foaming cleanser, my face felt clean and refreshed while the face recovery moisturiser left my skin smooth and soft.
The finishing touch is the Skin Therapy moisturiser, after its application my face felt soft and silky smooth with no evidence of greasy residue I have had from other skin care.
I have really noticed a difference in my facial skin since using them as weather has caused my skin to become dry and scaley.
The body lotion is great for other areas of skin and smells beautiful again it doesn't stay greasy but goes straight into the skin.
I am really enjoying using these products.
Thank you for your assistance in obtaining and trying these products.

Kind regards
D Herdengen
A happy and grateful customer from N.S.W

Aug 2017 Pamela in Tasmania

Mr Robert Leung
Promocean Australia

Dear Robert
I am very impressed by the customer service I received from you and your staff at Promocean Australia. I recently holidayed interstate and used a hair shampoo provided for guests at one of the hotels or motels we stayed in Melbourne. I do not normally get enthusiastic about cosmetic products but the green tea shampoo proved to be wonderful for me......no conditioner needed and no need to wash hair again in 3 days ( I was accustomed to daily hair washing). It only required a small amount of product to get a good lather.
I approached Promocean Australia as was very impressed by Nelson Ho who was very helpful and he had a good supply in the post very promptly. He was very pleasant to deal with.
He also responded very appropriately to my queries about one of the ingredients in the shampoo and so did you. Everything was handled very professionally.
I have given a sample to my hairdresser and ask her to comment.
I am a retired 71 year old nurse if you are interested.
Thank you for your responses.

Pamela in Tasmania

June 2017 Maureen McConnell Vic

Dear Robert
Just a few words about your beautiful Sacred Life Lilly Pilly Body Lotion which I just discovered. I stayed in different places a lot due to my work, recently I had to organise last minute accommodation as my husband has been ill in hospital and we live out past King lake. Of course I didn't have my toiletry bag and felt quite disorientated, stressed and not looking forward to having to use the apartments usual round of the mill shampoo, soap etc. It was such a lovely surprise to find your lovely range of lotion, shampoo and body wash.

The fragrance is not over powering, but subtle and fresh and I really enjoyed using them and smelling lovely. Needless to say, I took the two little tubes provided and still using it......Just squeezing out the last few drops.

Thanks again for a lovely product.
Maureen McConnell

Feb 2017 Hilary Wood S.A

Hi Robert,
I recently attended a training course for work and stayed at the Royce Hotel in Melbourne. I have stayed at numerous hotels both interstate and internationally over the last few years and it would be a rare event for me to even notice hotel toiletries let alone be so impressed to find out how to purchase them until now!

Your Sacred Life range of Lemon Myrtle shampoo, Kakadu Plum Conditioner, Quandong Body Wash and Lilli Pilly body lotion were exceptional products! I look forward to receiving my order and also trialing your skin care range!

Thank you also for your friendly and professional service!

Kind regards,

Hillary W.

Jan 2017 Ellie Geddis Vic

Dear John,

I recently spent a wonderful night at the George Kerferd Hotel and Wine Bar in Beechworth, Victoria. Whilst there I was delighted to sample the in house toiletries which were from your Sacred Life range. In particular the Lemon Myrtle Shampoo & the Kakadu Plum Conditioner.
As soon as I got home I started to track down if and where I could buy these great products. I found your website and send off an email.
Amazingly the very next morning I received your personal call letting me know that I can get these from your company.
As it turns out, you are based not far from where I live. So tomorrow I am going to pop along to Noble Park and buy some.

Thank you not only for the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used but also for the best customer service I have ever experienced.

Regards Ellie Geddis Cheltenham

December 2016 Mark Nicholas ACT

Dear John and the Pure Essense team

My wife and I enjoy staying at the Tathra Beach House on the beautiful South Coast of NSW. One of the joys of staying there are the Pure Essense toiletries they provided. The toiletries are of a very high quality and feel luxurious. My personal favourite is the Pure Essense Olive Hand & Body Lotion. It is great on my skin, quenching it with our being greasy at all. My skin feels good all day. I highly recommend the olive lotion.

After contacting Pure Essense I was very pleased to learn that I can buy this product directly from them.

Yours sincerely

Mark Nicholas

November 2016 Pat Bury WA

Dear Sir,

I am writing to say congratulations on a such a beautiful product. The Sacred Life range is so good my hair hasn't felt this soft for ages, especially in the North West of W.A where water can be extremely hard or bore water. We first tried your product at an Indigeneous community on the Dampier Peninsula called Mercedes Cove, it was provided in the cabins and was enjoyed by all of us at the time. I haven't found it anywhere else so we finally got on line, and are ready to order.

Thanks again for a great product.

Yours sincerely

Pat Bury

Oct 2016 Caroline Terrigal NSW

Dear John

Thank you so much for helping me this afternoon. Your products are simply divine. My husband and I had the absolute pleasure of staying at the Boathouse In Yamba on our way up to Queensland and then again on our way home. This is where I had the opportunity to use the Sacred Life range of toiletries. They are absolutely beautiful. I always use natural products and I regularly use Aveda as my preferred choice.

I simply fell in love with the range. The Shampoo and Conditioner tamed my thick unruly hair and left it soft and shiny and smelling beautiful. The shower gel is gorgeous and is very gentle. I have used every drop of the body lotion and this was great for soothing my sun burnt skin without being greasy or oily.

I am in love with your products and I am now going to only use your products. My husband and I travel extensively so I am going to buy little plastic bottles so I can take my Sacred Life everywhere!

Thank you so much!!

Caroline Terrigal NSW

July 2016 Andrea Clarke QLD

Dear John

I initially contacted your company to compliment you on your toiletry products and would like to follow up our conversation in writing. As discussed, I am a Cabin Crew for a major airline and was lucky enough to utilise your range on a recent overnight stay in Melbourne. As you can imagine, I travel extensively and stay in many Hotels and your Sacred Life Desert Quandong shower gel hydrated and relieve my skin like nothing else I've used before. I've been traveling with it since and am hoping it's possible to purchase as it's such a fantastic product.

Please advise at your earliest convenience where and how I can do this.

Many thanks


July 2016 Sandra L QLD

Hi Robert, I recently enjoyed a stay at beautiful Yabbaloumba Retreat in Qlds's Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Being a first class retreat, it was no surprise to find high quality complimentary toiletries here, but the Sacred Life shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion exceeded all expectations! What a treat!
The beautiful aromas that wafted out of those tiny tubes were out of this world and filled our accommodation with their wonderful perfumes. Using them was like having a holiday within a holiday - taking the senses on a Aussie journey with the scents of Kakadu Plum, Lili Pilly, Desert Quandong & Lemon Myrtle. I cant wait to receive my order of Sacred Life products and to bring that touch of luxury to my home.


Sandra L

June 2106 Rhonda Gittos

Beautiful Sensu

You know when you go on holidays and you pack up all of your toiletries because the ones that are supplied are usually pretty average? Well what a surprise I got on by the latest trip! The apartments I stayed in are providing gorgeous toiletry products called "Sensu".

Having been in the beauty industry for 30 years, I liked to use quality products and I am really impressed. Sensu feels lovely on your skin and hair and they smell wonderful. I loved Sensu so much that I contacted the supplier and they allowed me to purchase for my own use. I am one very happy lady!

Thank you John! I really appreciate you selling your products to me. I will give you feedback on the other products asap.

Best Regards

Rhonda Gittos

June 2016 Andrea Hughes QLD

Dear Robert

While staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Tasmania, I had the pleasure of using the Pure Essense shampoo and conditioner. The difference it made to my curly hair was amazing. It was so much softer and more manageable.

I am happy to recommend these beautiful products and am glad I found them.

Cheers Andrea

June 2016 Lesley Collins VIC

Hi John,

On our recent stay at the Comfort Inn Ringwood I had the pleasure of using your Green Tea shampoo and Pomelo conditioner. I was so pleased how my hair was after using your products. I am so pleased that I can purchase them from you. I have used many other products over the years and nothing compares to yours. And also thank you for your quick reply to my email. Hopefully in the next week I will have your products to use, thank you once again.

Lesley Collins

June 2016 Geoff Stone ACT

Thank you for your assistance recently in arranging delivery of the SPA Care products. We have traveled quite a bit both overseas and in Australia and must admit we have often been somewhat skeptical about the quality of hair care products generally supplied in hotel and rental accommodation.

Recently we stayed in the Beach Retreat apartments at Eden, NSW and were more than pleasantly surprised by the results from using the Pure Essense SPA shampoo and conditioner that were provided. They gave a real sense of leaving hair clean and fresh. We were obviously impressed enough to follow up with you and purchase these products for regular use. We have been very happy that we did.

Thank you also for the Sacred Life samples which we have yet to try.


Geoff Stone

March 2016 Heather Heaton March 2016

Dear John,

Having recently stayed for a short business trip at the Admiral Motor Inn at Rosebud, I was able to use some of your products. As I have sensitive skin, I was a bit apprehensive, but found your Sacred Life Body Lotion and SPA body wash to be lovely to use with no skin reaction. I love the fragrances and the fact that the ingredients are all natural and chemical free.

Keep up the good work and I hope to find and use more of your products in the future.

Kind regards

Heather Heaton

Fran C. Jan 2016 QLD

Dear Pure Essense

I have been using your Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and Kakadu Plum conditioner after finding them at Melbourne's Royce Hotel. I am usually wary of hotel products, but yours looked " far to good to leave behind"! The naturalness of the ingredients, the lack of irritants and the lovely packaging appeals to me. Living in humid coastal S.E QLD, Summer is a real challenge for wavy hair like mine. So I am really delighted to find a product which suits my hair and calms my scalp.

Thank you for your lovely range - I plan to continue using it.

Kind regards


Ms Lois K Dec 2015 VIC

I recently got to sample the Pure Essense SPA shampoo and conditioner while staying at a holiday house on the Mornington Penninsula and I love it so much that I contacted the manufacturers and was delighted to find out that I was able to purchase them in 1 Litre bottles.

The Conditioner leaves my thick coarse hair soft, shiny and manageable, and also calms my itchy scalp which suffers from Psoriasis.
I am so pleased I've discovered it - It's lovelier than any I have every bought from shops.

Thank You!

Lois K of Coburg

Dec 2015 Mellisa Smith NSW

I just want to say a BIG thank you. I have sensitive skin but I love the Sacred Life range.
I recently stayed at the Statesman Hotel in Curtin ACT where I found your products in the rooms.

I would dearly love to continue with this range as I had no reaction to it at all.

Thank you again
Mellisa Cawdell-Smith

Oct 2015 Gina Camilleri Vic

I am writing this to advise you on a product of yours I uses at the hotel which was the Esplanade in Lakes Entrance.
The Product being the SPA Green tea shampoo and SPA Pomelo conditioner which I really liked due to having PSORIASIS on my scalp as well on my hands. I found it to be very gentle and no irritation on either and my hair felt great. I also tried the handcream which it had a great texture and also no irritation. So I called your office & arranged an order, so glad I can buy it and continue to use this product as it is difficult to find a suitable product for psoriasis and suit your hair as well at the same time.

Kind regards
Gina Camilleri
Riddells Creek Vic.

Aug 2015 Julie Dronsky NSW

To Robert and Promocean
I have been using the Regenerative Face Recovery Serum for over a year now. It is a regular part of my morning and evening skin regime. I believe it has made a difference to my overall skin tone and has helped to reduce the appearance of fine lines and enhance skin firmness.
I use it straight after cleansing as a base and a conditioning serum for my face before I apply my moisturiser. It leaves my skin feeling firm and soothe and it is a great primer that appears to enhance my moisturiser's effectiveness.
I really love this product and would not hesitate to recommend it as a nourishing and supportive product that will compliment any women's skin regime.
Thank you Robert for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful product. It will always be a part of my daily routine.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards

Julie Dronsky

Feb 2015 Julie Campbell VIC

Dear Sir/ Madam

During 2014, I had experienced on-going problems with skin eruptions on my scalp. I tried different brands of shampoos and hair conditioners, however, the problem continued. I resorted to seeking medical advice and this resulted in my taking antibiotics. However, the problem reoccurred. After the frustration and not wanting to continue with antibiotics or medical lotions, I sought advice from a pharmacist. This resulted in my trying baby shampoo which I was told had fewer chemicals in it. This did NOT solve my problem. I tried a variety of different baby shampoo but to no effect. I happened to be holidaying on Norfolk Island and stayed at the Islander Lodge Apartments. Included in the welcome package was a 30ml container of Pure Essense SPA green tea shampoo & one of Pomelo conditioner. After using these two products my scalp cleared up totally! However, once I went back to normal commercial products from the supermarket / pharmacy, the condition simply flared up! I searched on the web to see if I could source Pure Essense products myself and luckily I was able to find and purchase them online.

A great result and I look forward to no more scalp eruptions, nor antibiotics!

Thank you so much! Julie Campbell

Feb 2015 Joy Paterson W.A

On our recent visit to The Mary River Wilderness Retreat in the Northern Territory, my daughter and I discover your Sacred Life lemon myrtle shampoo, Kakadu Plum conditioner and Desert Quandong body wash products beautifully presented in our room. We were delighted with their natural fragrances and had to sample them.

.....Hope you like this picture taken on the Wallaby Walk whilst we were at Mary River.

Joy Paterson

Feb 2015 Julie Dronsky NSW

Dear Robert,

I want to say Thank you for your kindness & support in assisting me with some of your products. Not only have you helped me with a product that suits my hair type but now you are assisting me with some skin care products. I have very fine long hair that is prone to oiliness & after trying your SPA range while staying at a hotel at the Hunter Valley I was amazed at the results. My hair is now more manageable & feels & looks sensational & I don't have to wash it as often. I have used the SPA hair care range ever since.

I have now used your Re-Generative Facial Serum for approx 3 months. I must say it is another amazing product. I believe I have noticed some very positive results on my overall complexion.

I use it twice a day under my moisturiser & I find it helps lock in moisture & helps boost my moisturiser effectiveness. It applies easily & a little goes a long way. My overall skin tone feels firmer & I believe my skin has a healthy glow about it. I really like this product & it will remain a part of my daily skin routine.

Thank you again Robert for showing such a genuine concern & continued interest in helping me find the right products. I truly believe you have developed some amazing products & I would not hesitate to endorse them to others.

Yours Sincerely Julie Dronsky

Jan 2015 Kim Nolan VIC

Dear Mr Hurlimann,

Last December my husband and I attended a John Legend concert at a Cold Stream vineyard. We stayed at the Yarra Valley Motel in Lilydale. The shampoo and conditioner that I used for my shower were amazing because my scalp did NOT get itchy at all until I started using my expensive Professional Salon brand shampoo at home. For years all other brands gave me the same problem. On inquiring about that " amazing shampoo " we were informed a company called Promocean produced it commercially. That shampoo is called Pure Essense range- hydrating Shampoo Green Tea. It is not available at retail stores. BUT as a special arrangement, Promocean would sell a bottle to me. I am so grateful for that. Now there will be no more suffering from itchy scalp.

Thank you Promocean !

Sincerely, K Nolan

Jo Holgate Feb 2015 VIC

I suffer from a serious skin problem & my skin is super sensitive. I am so excited that I have found Synergenetic Skin Therapy. As it is made up of all natural ingredients, it is extremely gentle But dissolves into the skin immediately without any greasy Residue. Thank You

Jo Holgate
Doward International Pty Ltd

Jan 2015 Aileen VIC

Hello Lauren,

Your father asked us to write to you to let you know how much we liked Pure Essense. My name is Aileen and my husband's name is Peter. At Christmas we went to Lakes Entrance to visit our family and have Christmas dinner with them. We stayed at a hotel called Bellevue on the Lakes and they provided all their customers with Pure Essense SPA products including shampoo, conditioner, and lotions.

We both enjoyed using Pure Essense and Peter was especially pleased because he has tried many, many body lotions but was never satisfied until he used Pure Essense hand & body lotion. Now he is very happy and we are purchasing some for ourselves. I particularly like the lovely scent and the fact that it is non greasy when used.

Good luck with your lovely products


Dec 2014 Karen Patterson QLD

Dear Pure Essense team,

At the end of Nov 2014, I stayed at RACV Noosa and really loved the bathroom products supplied in our room. I particularly enjoyed the Pomelo Conditioner as it made my hair feel so smooth. The Green tea shampoo and Rosemary & olive body wash in addition was great. Trio of products I love that I was able to order some through you to use at home.

Thanks once again, Karen Patterson

Nov 2014 Rhowie McIvor VIC

Dear Lauren, Robert & John,

You recently forwarded a box of Spa Products to me. Thank you so much for your "service with a smile" response to my request. My husband has a scalp condition which has been very difficult to alleviate. By chance, while staying the Victorian Apartments in Port Fairy, he noticed a huge improvement. We eventually realised this was due to the Spa products, particularly the shampoo and conditioner, provided in the apartment.

After trying for many years to find a solution, we couldn't believe our luck. Thank you also for the very prompt delivery.

Yours sincerely

Rhowie 21 .11.2014

Nov 2014 Marina Yudina VIC

First time I have tried Pure Essense shampoo and conditioner couple of years ago and recently decided to find out where I can buy this in Australia. That is how I met Lauren and Robert. It is a good luck that a such great product is accomplished with very good service........And the quality of Pure Essense production is amazing! I have long, quite dry and knotting hair. The Green tea shampoo and conditioner make is so easy to look after. Using these products I can easily brush my hair. It looks so well nourished and shiny after washing.

Definitely recommend using Pure Essense shampoo and conditioner and purchase them from Lauren and Robert!

Thank you for making me and my hair so happy :)

With kind regards,
Marina Yudina

Nov 2014 Highlands Motor Inn Oberon NSW

I just had to write this testimony to tell prospective purchasers of Not only this companies products but all of the dealings I have encountered. After trying and testing four companies brands of different monetary value I came across " Pure Essense". The difference between this company and others I have dealt with is the product is quality. Promocean not only cares about their product but more importantly their customers... nothing is too much trouble.

We have been using this product for over 3 years now....more importantly we get glowing feedback as guest's state how wonderful their hair or skin feels after using it.

In particular we have the collagen face masks and it's interesting of how many men try it......

Pure Essense is exactly what is states the quality is high, the presentation is delightful but the fragrance is enriching to the spirit.

Don't take my word for it, get a sample, " You wont be disappointed....... I haven't !

Thanks Robert, John and Nelson for making my life a little easier !

Susan & Greg Clarke
Highlands Motor Inn

November 2014

Sept 2014 Elaine McGinnes VIC

To whom this may concern,
I recently stayed at Punt Hill apartments in Flinders Lane with my sister. The Apartments were very comfortable, whilst there I washed my hair with Green tea shampoo, and used Pomelo conditioner made by Pure Essense. I was so impressed with this product I went looking in the shops for it & was disappointed when I couldn't find it. My hair had body and a lovely shine and smelt wonderful after using Pure Essense.

My friend Jo, found the telephone no. and contacted you, and she said that you told her I could buy Pure Essense from you, thankyou so much.

Elaine McGinnes

Sept 2014 Tracey Sampson VIC

Dear Lauren & Robert,

We recently stayed at the Royce Hotel in Melbourne where we were lucky enough to experience the Sacred Life range of toiletries. The quality and fragrance of these products were so amazing that we have since purchased some larger containers for use at home. We will definitely be recommending this range to our family and friends!!

Kind regards

Tracey Sampson

Aug 2014 John Ballantyne ACT

Hi Robert & Lauren, I just wanted to say a BIG Thank you to you for the awesome SPA green tea shampoo!! I LOVE it !!! I stumbled on it at a hotel in Sydney. I couldn't believe how good my hair felt!

Keep making awesome products !!!


John Ballantyne

June 2013 Michael Tuckfield SA

I just wanted to send a big Thank you to your team and especially Robert Leung for your help with creating a soap to help me propose to my now fiance. A few months ago my girlfriend and I stayed at Tier's View Bed and Breakfast that had soap that my partner fell in love with. Besides the fact that they smell, feel and look brilliant, they also caused no irritation to my girlfriend whom has difficulty finding good hypo-allergenic soaps. From that experience I found the Promocean site and ordered a large variety through Robert Leung, and they were again great. I noted that some of their soaps were translucent, so I enquired to Robert if they could possibly do a one off soap with "MARRY ME" inside? Robert was enthusiastic and went about the task of producing this soap for me. On the arrival of the soaps I showed my partner, whom was happy as a clam as she just loves them! I then handed her the "special" soap and said this is a new one they have been working on. She first smelt it and said it smelt great and didn't seem to notice the wording. I prompted her to read the writing inside, and immediately a smile formed on her face and she said yes. Later she said that the surprise of the situation and the form it came in made the experience so good, who would propose in a soap? The experience I had with Promocean as a customer, and then through their help producing the MARRY ME soap, was fantastic. You are a company that create products on a level of their own, and your staff are enthusiastic and care for the customer. Thanks for playing such a large role in my proposal.

July 2014 | Carmille Cameron | QLD

I had the pleasure of using your products where we stayed at the Blue Green House in NSW... how soft our hair felt after using the SPA range and it smells beautiful. We love these products so much we are putting in an order with extras for our family & friends.

June 2014 | Inggrid | VIC

I am so ever grateful that you have created this Pure Essense Skincare because it is a blessing to the World and to my skin...I am a dancer and skin is often dehydrated & I sweat most of the days, but the Regenerative series, they are all very light and are absorbed very quickly & easily by the skin. I use to have oily skin, but not anymore now, always hydrated and plump - like fresh Japanese Milk Bread out of the oven. So, thank you Robert for your wonderful creation. Love love love Pure Essense.

June 2014 | Drew Thomas | SA

Our recent stay at one Tree B&B in Auburn, SA was delightful in many ways. One of those was the discovery of Sacred Life toiletries. Nicely, and biodegradably packaged, scented with the Australian bush and feeling absolutedly luxurious to use. We are now you fans, and looking forward to purchasing some larger containers for house usage. We are looking forward to a long and appreciative relationship with your company and its products.

May 2014 Karen Draper S.A

On our recent visit to The Wallaroo Marina Apartments in South Australia. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the shampoo & conditioner supplied in the apartment. Having travelled extensively around S.A with my job I have always taken my own toiletries as the ones in the hotels leave my hair frizzy, dull and dry. Not so with the SPA range of Pure Essense Green tea & Pomelo conditioner. They were so good it prompted me to find where I could buy the products - which I now have. I also thank you for the face serum & day cream - both feel lovely on my skin. Well done and thank you for such lovely products that give great results!

Best regards

Karen Draper S.A

March 2014 | Badette Dyke | VIC

My husband and I were on Holidays at the Vue Apartments, Geelong, I was fortunate enough to use your Spa range of products. When I smelt the fragrance of the Antidote soap, I just had to try it. It left my skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth and I love that it contains all natural ingredients....Olive hand and body lotion, leaving my hands and skin soft and supple....I love using Pure Essense items and can't wait to continue using these wonderful products in the future.

Feb 2014 Juliette of Durieu Clothing SA

Dear Promocean Products,

I travel extensively for work, and having not stayed for some time, I returned to the Royce Hotel. I discovered your Sacred Life products beautifully presented by the hotel in my room. Even though, I always carry my own favourites, I couldn’t resist trying them! Well I LOVE THEM - & took them all home. They are excellent quality & the fragrance is amazing.

I would go back to the Royce just for your products!!!

Yours Sincerely

Juliette “ Durieu Clothing”

Feb 2014 Anna Billis Melbourne

HI, On a recent stay at the Brighton Savoy, my daughter and I discovered little bottles of luxury Green Tea shampoo & Pomelo conditioner. We all LOVED your shampoo and conditioner, it made our curly hair soft and shiny and tame - and that was after sun exposure and beach exposure! Our hair looked great, felt great and smelt great!! We all wanted to let you know your product is GORGEOUS, we LOVED IT and THANK YOU for such an amazing products!! Sending you wishes for every success in the industry- you have truly nailed it !! And deserve it!!

Yours truly Mrs Anna & daughters (your new customer for life)

Feb 2014 Lorraine Radburn NSW

During a recent trip to Cascade Gardens Apartments in Norfolk Island, I tried your company's Pomelo Conditioner. I was so impressed with it that I decided to write to you. My hair was so soft and shiny and I think it is one of the best I have ever used. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to my friends. Yours sincerely Lorraine Radburn

Feb 2014 Fernwood Fitness Chirnside

Hi John,

We just wanted you to know that we here at Fernwood Chirnside Park are pleased with the quality of service and products that you and your company provides. We have been getting quite a few very nice compliments from our members about the Pomelo hair conditioner and Rosemary Olive Body Wash!
We will be recommending you and Promocean to all other Fernwood Fitness Clubs across Australia and look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

Kind regards Cindy Saunders

Feb 2014 Kelly Corbett SA

To Pure Essense,
Hi my name is Kelly Corbett and I live...Port Augusta SA. We recently got married 12 October 2013, we went to Wallaroo Marina Apartments in SA for honeymoon. We tried your products called SPA shampoo Green tea, Pomelo conditioner and the Lotion as well. We loved it,felt so refreshing after use.........

Thanks so much
Kelly Corbett

Feb 2014 Alto Hotel on Bourke Melbourne

Dear Tony,
Thank you for giving me a sample of the new Regenerative amenities, especially the eye serum and the face cream. The eye serum in my opinion is comparable to the Estee Lauder serum that I currently use. I gave one of each sample to my 28 year old daughter; she ask me where she could purchase it. This is coming from a young woman that is used to some of the more expensive products on the market.

Well done Promocean, can't wait for your store to open. Kind regards Jenny Trimboli ( Assistant Manager)

Dec 2013 Bessie Stewart Vic.

Dear Robert,

I have been searching the shops for the last 2 months looking for Sacred Life products and have not had any success until I searched the internet and found that there is an outlet in Braeside.

I am very pleased that I am now able to obtain these products, as they are most compatible with my skin ( I suffer from light Ezcema). The soft fragrance is delightful & not overpowering for me. I found the products when I stayed at Tamarind Sands Resort in New South Wales.

Thank you kindly for your reply.

Bessie Stewart.

Nov 2013 Prue Brookes Vic

To Promocean Australia

On a recent trip to Tolarno hotel in St Kilda, I used the Sacred Life Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and Kakadu Plum conditioner and just Loved it.

Thank you for a wonderful product.


Prue Brookes

Oct 2013 Jan Raymond W.A

Dear Robert,
I came across your Sacred Life range of products when staying recently at the Old Convent in Dalwallinu WA. I was impressed by their beautiful fragrances and gentle action on skin and hair. This makes them a delight to use. The fact that the products have been developed and made in Australia is an extra bonus......

Having grown up in the Dalwallinu district I am very familiar with the Quandong tree and have often eaten its fruits.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Jan Raymond

Aug 2013 Melissa Sinclair

To Dear Robert & Staff

Recently we stayed at Silverwater resort and saw the toiletries left for us. Usually I bring our own shampoo etc.. this time I forgot! However decided to try this new set of products Silverwater had begun using. To tell you the truth, I didnt have high hopes as usually hotel amenities aren't too Great! WOW! What a surprise I got! I used the Green Tea Hydrating shampoo!! I absolutely Loved the way my hair felt, looked and smell! My usually oily hair was silky, soft and CLEAN!! I am in love with all your products we tried!

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful natural based set of products! You definitely have me as a customer.

Warmest regards

Melissa Sinclair

Aug 2013 Beverley Gibbs Melbourne

Dear Robert,
My friends and I have just returned from a short holiday in Lakes Entrance staying at the Esplanade Spa Resort. It was a delightful holiday with many happy memories, one of which was the discovery of your beautiful toiletry products in our apartments. We all commented on the lovely perfume and the softness of your Pure Essense Olive hand cream and were surprised by the gentle nourishing hair products especially the Pomelo conditioner. We decided to write to you for information about retail outlets close to home and to thank you for producing such wonderul products. Your toiletries are head and shoulders above similar products I have used in many Hotels and Motels over the years.

Thank you for pampering us. We wish you all the best for your business.

Love from Bev. Gibbs

July 2013 Bob Hoff Melbourne

My wife was very impressed by the Sacred Life range of products at the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat. She particularly liked the Desert Quandong body wash and we have been hoping to find the product in store since then. She has tried a number of products over the years and this range stand out as her favourite.

regards.... Bob Hoff

June 2013 | Monique Cawcutt | VIC

I just wanted to write to express how much I love the Pure Essense Green Tea Shampoo and Pomelo Conditioner.

I used these products for the first time on the weekend when we stayed at Vue Apartments in Geelong and I can honestly say I have not used a better Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair usually goes oily within a day of washing it, but since using your products I haven't had to wash my hair since Saturday night and it's now Wednesday.
I would also like to mention that I think the Rosemary & Olive Body Wash and the Olive Hand & Body Lotion are also amazing products!
I have made an enquiry about purchasing the Shampoo and Conditioner from you after only using them once...now that's saying something.
Can't wait to use these products again.

June 2013 | Renee Har | NSW

I am writing this letter to say not just how in love and satisfied I am with your products but the great customer service you provided! How promptly you have replied to my enquiries.
First came in contact with your product - SPA Range - Green Tea Shampoo & Pomelo Conditioner @ The Great Western's Hotels in Melbourne.
Hesitant I was to use hotel products, due to bad experiences in the past...Had gone for a swim and noticed didn't pack my Shampoo & Conditioner. After using this product the SPA Range especially the Pomelo Conditioner... my hair was silky, soft.... easy to manage... smell left in my hair was amazing. Was fortunate to have came across this product. I brag about this product to all my family & friends. I am truely a 110% satisfied customer no doubt. I am your number one fan of your Pomelo Conditioner SPA Range.

May 2013| Dianne Robertson | VIC

Recently my husband and I had seven days away staying at the Esplanade Resort and Spa in Lakes Entrance Victoria.
I used the toiletries supplied and found them to be fantastic. The hand and body lotion was great after a day of fishing it left my skin very soft and smooth.
I have blonde coloured hair and your Shampoo & Conditioner made it lovely and soft and with a shine which I don't usually have. The whole SPA range was great. They are some of the best products I have ever used. I look forward to using them again in the future.

May 2013 | Helen Moffat | ACT

Thank you for your prompt response to my enquiring regarding your Pure Essense Spa Green Tea Hydrating Shampoo and Pomelo Conditioner.
As mentioned in my email, I had tried to source the product but was unsuccessful. It was a relief to find you are able to provide the product direct.

I first used the shampoo and conditioner on a visit to Newcastle, NSW and was extremely surprise with the result.
I have very fine hair.... after using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair felt soft and silky and kept its shape....I was more than happy with the result but the test for me was how my hair would respond to the product in Canberra where the water is hard. Surprisingly the result was the same.
Thank you for such a wonderful product. It is also satisfying to know the ingredients are natural, dermatologically tested and not tested on animals.

May 2013 | A. Furnival | VIC

Recently I stayed at the RACV Resort, Cape Schank and was very pleasantly surprised at the excellent quality of their bathroom toiletries.
Your Pure Essense Spa Range is simply delightful, my particular favourite is the Rosemary & Olive body wash which I found to be most refreshing and with a lasting fragrance.
These products are definitely some of the best on the market, congratulations on an excellent Australian product.

May 2013 | Kathy Nichols | VIC

Recently I was lucky enough to enjoy a weekend away at RACV Resort Inverloch where I discovered your Rosemary & Olive Body Wash and Olive Body Lotion products. I loved them!!
I have always used high quality body products and found this range exceeds them all.
Thank you and I can't wait to try the Green Tea Shampoo and Pomelo Conditioner in the Spa Range.

March 2013 | Sorrento Beach Motel | VIC

I write to congratulate you and the team at "Promocean" for the excellent product range we have been using at the property for now over 12 months.
The amenities range, namely the Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, Body lotion and facial soap are of above average quality, as are the facial and toilet tissue. They also represent very good value in this competitive market.
I have had many favourable comment made to me from my clients regarding the ease of use and wonderful quality of your amenities range.
More recently (end of February) I have 2 ladies.... travelling through Melbourne .... and had stayed at the previous evening at the Hotel Windsor in the city..... Both made a point ..... your product far exceeded their expectations and also that of the one being used by Hotel Windsor.
To received strong feedback as this is testaments to the quality of your products and I have absolutely no hestitation in recommending it to everyone within the hospitality industry.

March 2013 | Despina Heliotis | SA

Last Christmas my family and I stayed at Punthill-Flinders Lane in Melbourne. I had forgotten to take my shampoo and conditioner and I was not looking forward to using the hotel products as I have never found them to be any good.
I was pleasantly surprised by the Pure Essense Spa Green Tea Hydrating Shampoo and Pure Essense Spa Pomelo Conditioner.
I had breast cancer 9 years ago and I lost my beautiful long luxurious hair. My hair eventually grew back but not in the same condition. My Hair is very dry, frizzy and unmanageable. I have tried many products and have not been satisfied with the results and many aggrevated my psoriasis. Your product is amazing! After using the shampoo and conditioner, I found my hair manageable, shiny and it stayed that way for many days. It was also very gentle on my scalp. I don't want to use any other product now, I am hooked! Thank you so much for making a wonderful product.

Feb 2013 | Belinda Jennings| Barwon Heads

I was fortunate enough to be given some of your product by a friend. I loved it, the lotion is a beautiful product readily absorbed into the skin with no oily residue.
I thought the fragrance of both the "Sacred Life" range and the "Olive" Spa range were absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to experiencing these wonderful products again.

Dec 2012 | Patti Errington | NSW

Dear Robert,
I recently stayed at Bannisters in Mollymook and was so impressed by the Pure Essense hand made soap that I kept the packaging........It was fantastic to receive prompt attention and such a courteous response...... The soaps smells divine and my skin has never felt so smooth. In the past I have avoided soap because it always tended to dry my skin out. Pure Essense handmade soap has definitely changed my mind.... I was at Mollymook for a work conference and many of the attendees commented on the soaps -- both male & female. The staff at Bannisters said that lots of guests mention the soap and often ask where they can purchase them. Thank you for taking the time and effort to produce such lovely, natural products.
Kind regards,
Patti Errington

Dec 2012 | Carole Coburn | VIC

Whilst staying at the Big 4 Motel in Port Fairy about 1 year ago, I was delighted with the quality of the shampoo and conditioner supplied ....... I found that your Pure Essense Spa Green tea Hydrating Shampoo teamed with the Pure Essense Spa Pomelo Conditioner makes my normally dull, lank, unmanagable hair shiny with bounce and fullness which lasts between washes. The conditioner is very light and not at all greasy. It even seems to restore some of my very light natural curl, so if I allow it to dry naturally, giving it a little scrunch every now and then, it appears to have been styled -- without the need for messy mousse!

Oct 2012 | Andree Goodman | VIC

I have suffered for many years with psoriasis and have tried hundreds of products to no avail...... the Rosemary & Olive shower gel was amazing and my skin felt & looked better straight away, my itching reduced dramatically.... the green tea shampoo & pomelo conditioner made my hair felt silky & soft and did not cause a flare up of my psoriasis, as 90% of hair products on the market do....any hotel or B & B would be crazy not to stock these products, as they are of such high quality ..... Thank you for making a difference in my life, by making these wonderful products.

Oct 2012 | Elizabeth Todd

I recently stayed at Bannisters Resort in Mollymook and fell in love with your Honeycomb Handmade soap. I have very sensitive skin and often suffer a bad reaction to soaps, but your Honeycomb soap was so soothing and creamy and had such a divine scent that I had to take the half used cake home with me to enjoy it longer!
Thank you for producing such an incredible product. And thank you for your superb customer-service when I contated you to find out if I could possibly purchase some of your divine soap.
What a pleasure to deal with an organisation so dedicated to their customers and their products.

Sept 2012 | Annette MacPherson | NSW

my partner & I stayed at Bannisters in Mollymook. The room was wonderful & the toiletries .... were great. In particular I loved the Honeycomb soap & the Green tea shampoo with the Pomelo conditioner....
I have dry skin & they were great & felt wonderful .... didn't dry my skin out at all. I can't wait for these products to be available in the shops.....

Aug 2012 | Julie Dronsky | NSW

my husband & I were fortunate to spend a few days at the Hunter Valley NSW. We stay at the Tuscany Wine Estate Resort.
Whilst there I used the toiletries supplied in our room & in particular the "Pure Essense Spa Hydrating Green tea Shampoo & The Pomelo Conditioner"
These are truly 2 wonderful products!......
I have very unmanageable hair. It is long, very fine & becomes oily within a day....
I have spent a fortune in trying to find products that suit my hair type & have found a quality product in the complementary toiletries at Tuscany Resort.....
Well done Promocean for products that are good quality & give excellent results.

Aug 2012 | Daniel Hall | VIC

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I had a wonderful holiday over the summer break including a gorgeous nights stay in the old Bank B & B in Cygnet, Tasmania..... The bathroom was similarly luxurious featuring the gorgeous aromas of the Promocean Green Tea Shampoo, Rosemary & Olive Body Wash and Olive Hand & Body Lotion. I just felt so clean & so fresh after using these products! They truly added to your holiday experience and our night of luxury....

Aug 2012 | Ken Weaver | VIC

Thank you for responding so promptly to my enquiry. We recently spent several days at the Altantis Hotel in Spencer Street Melbourne where we had the opportunity of trying two of your Pure essense products "Green tea shampoo" and "Pomelo conditioner". We found both to be excellent..... I am recovering from Chemo Therapy treatment for Lymphoma with the effects of hair refrowth, dry scalp etc....tried many commonly used products over the last two pears, non have compared to the clean comfortable healthy feel after using your products........

Aug 2012 | Jessica Galatas | VIC

On a recent stay at RACV Resort at Cape Schank I was fortunated enough to make a really happy discovery in trying your "Pomelo" hair conditioner.... is simply one of a kind and just amazingly good .... without any sign of heaviness or a greasy feel. So very grateful thank to you for a wonderful product. It deserves every success.

May 2012 | Judy Szyrko| VIC

On a recent holiday at Shantara Resort in Port Douglas, we were happy to experience your amazing Pure Essense Antidote soap. This soap smells wonderful & the essential oils make the skin soft & silky smooth & beautifully hydrated. Both my husband and I are over 60 and have dryish skin but after 5 days of using this soap, there was definitely more luxurious feel to our skin

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We look forward to our continued use & spreading the word.
regards Judy Szyrko

April 2012 Jennifer Shackleton VIC

My husband and I recently stayed at a lovely cottage in Beechworth and used the Pure Essense range for the first time. The green tea shampoo and conditioner was fabulous.......and I have since also used the soap and will continue to use if from now on.
Thanks again for introducing me to such lovely products.

Kind regards
Jenny Shackleton

Feburary 2012 Cynthia Love

I recently received a pack of the intense Facial Therapy in a pamper pack from a hotel at which I stay.......loved the idea of the portable nature of the little pack..... travel a lot...... relax with a facial at the end of a tiring day of meetings is brilliant.......well done on both the idea & the quality of the product itself.......

Nov 2011 Shirley Marston VIC

I first experienced the Pure Essense products while staying at Tiers View in Woodside SA.
The Green tea shampoo & Pomelo conditioner produced volume and softness when I used in the rain water.
...Rosemary & olive body wash was so refreshing and cleansing. The Olive hand lotion was smooth on the skin and easily absorbed. It was sensuous pleasure to discover the luxurious aromas in the Honeycomb handmade soaps

In appreciation

October 2011 Erin McCarthy QLD

My partner and I recently returned from a stay at the beautiful Yabbaloumba Retreat in the Sunshine Coast hinderland. The cottage was stocked with Pure Essense products...and I loved them.

...Antidote soap bar....made from natural ingredients. It left my skin feeling soft and moisturised, smelt fantastic, no animal products (what more could you ask for?).

Many thanks
Erin McCarthy

June 2011 Alana Cooper Norfolk ENGLAND

....i would just like to compliment Pure Essense for the wonderful products I used on my trip " down under" while staying at the Cube Apartments.

Mango shampoo - Glorious smell, best shampoo I have ever used.....Green tea shower gel, not at all drying on the skin.... Lavender body lotion.. delicious scent

Best regards
Alana Cooper

1 April 2011 Monica Derrick Canberra

My husband and I recently stayed at the Mystery Bay Cottages on the NSW south coast. While it wasn't a romantic getaway - given we had our toddler with us,....it was made all the more special by our new find of the luxurious honeycomb body bar from Pure Essense. ...It smelt like fresh oranges and flowers. .. It acted like a natural exfoliator and after using the soap, my skin was soft and smooth.

February 2011 Jennifer VIC.

I used your Pure Essense shampoo and conditioner during a stay at Dargin Springs in January and my hair was softer and shinier than it had been for a very long time.......

18 Jan 2011 Lyn Melbourne

Dear Robert, I first experienced your Pure Essense Spa range at a cottage I was staying in at Port Fairy " Riverview on the Meyne". I had many comments after using the product about how nice I smelt. I also love using the spa range as I have sensitive skin and I had no reaction........

13 Oct 2010 Roxanne Olsen

I recently returned from a trip where I stayed at the Punt Hill Stanton Apartments. When I looked at the shampoo and conditioner, I was pleasantly surprised that they were NOT tested on animals, so I decided to give them a try.
I am so glad that I did :) The green tea shampoo and conditioner were extremely gentle on my (almost waist length) hair and made it soft, shiny and manageable. They were some of the best products I ever used in my hair!

21 October 2010 Patricia Rowlands

I am writing to you following a recent stay at the Waverley International Hotel in Melbourne. During my stay I had the pleasure of using Pure Essense Mango shampoo. It was fantastic, I found it to be the best shampoo I haves used for quite sometime. I would recommend it to anyone. Patricia Rowlands

May 2010 Julie Kratiuk

I have been using the same shampoo for many years and then it was discontinued. Since then I have tried about sixteen or more different shampoos and been unhappy with all of them. I was fortunate to be given the gift of a weekend at Bannisters for our 40th anniversary. I tried your Pure Essense green tea shampoo and was thoroughly wrapped. - my hair shone, it had body and fell into place....I must also comment on the Olive body lotion - I have very, very dry skin and I could really notice the difference after using it just a couple of times. How good it is to be able to use products that really work. Congratulations

17 May 2010 Magdalene Lee Singapore

Hi, Im from Singapore and I simply LOVE your green tea shampoo and conditioner.....while staying @ Jasper Hotel.
OK, my hair seemed fine after using twice, then I bought some home and continued using them. Surprise! I noticed that my hair loss was minimal falling after every shampooing. Im desperate now! Where can I buy them in Singapore?? I love them!

Thank you very much for my hair growth too! Pure Essense shampoo solved my hair problems.
P.S, I used to use Pantene hair fall shampoo

21 April 2010 Heather Schroeder VIC.

......the hand and body lotion was so good that I approached Promocean to buy some more. I gave my daughter, an eczema sufferer some lotion. I am happy to say she found it excellent, a Huge improvement on Hydroderm and the very expensive Clinique products

24 April 2010 Wendy Hull Vic.

...Thank you for our gift of Pure Essense spa toiletries. We first discovered them at the Hotel Richmond in Adelaide being there for our Golden wedding anniversary. It was a nice suprise to find a lovely product for our use. It was pleasing also to find that only a small amount was required

19 March 2010 Carol Moller

While staying at the Cube in Melbourne............I was very impressed with the Body lotion and Body wash. I found the body wash to really cleanse the skin on my face and the body lotion to moisturise and protect my skin against the city pollution. Very impressed. Carol.

9 March 2010 Santina

To Pure essense, last November I was invited to spend 3 days at Dargan Spring Mountain Lodge in the Blue Mountains. There, I sampled your products and thought they were just lovely. I have been using the skin repair serum on the blistering dermititis on my foot that I think was caused by a spider bite some 5 years ago and is No longer blistering and is starting to heal. So thank you for allowing me to try it. Many thanks Santina

March 2010 Sue Tarver QLD

....Just a quick note to say how thrilled I was to receive my parcel. I was so impressed with the Rosemary & Olive body wash. It has such a gentle fragrance and leaves my skin so clean & silky. I am looking forward to using the other samples, especially the honeycomb soap which looks so good you could almost eat it.

Feb 2010 Clare Hull Qld

...Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your Spa range shampoo, conditioner, body wash & moisturiser. I must say I was surprised as I was expecting the shampoos to leave my hair like straw but instead my hair felt thick & smooth and the body wash & moisturiser made a Heat Rash I had clear up almost immediately.

Jan 2010 Maureen

...I was first introduced to your body care products at the Alto Hotel on Bourke st Melbourne. My friends and I were so impressed by the quality of these products and we wish to say it was a delight to have them provided. We are certainly planning to be purchasing these products in the future.

September 2009 Samantha Crockett

Wow, a recent (anniversary weekend) stay at the beautiful Bannisters Point lodge, NSW Soath Coast was made all the more beautiful by the incredible personal products offered in the rooms. I can say I have never come across such high quality products in accomodation before. Your Honeycomb soap is truly to die for. Well done.

August 2009 - Julia

I would like to express formally how much I love Pure Essense range, it exists in a league of its own compared to most other amenities found in hotel establishments (which are often poor quality). I particulary love the Green tea shampoo & Pomelo conditioner which left my hair feeling lovely & silky. I hope one day the products will be available through retail outlets. All the best Julia.

July 2009 Victoria Ridgeway

I am writing re using your wonderful products. I had occasion to stay at a hotel during the summer of 09, the complimentary products were the Pure Essense brand. I enjoyed using them so much I tried to purchase some.........I just want to thank Tania and let you know how highly I regard your products. regards Victoria.

April 2009 Lisa Oliver Brisbane

Hello, Im Lisa Oliver and wanted to let you know I am So in love with one of your products and wondering if I could purchase some. I have never smelt anything like it in all of my 38 years of showering. The Rosemary & Olive body wash. I used it at a holiday unit up the North coast and simply fell in love with it..
Thanks... "Smelling Lovely" Lisa Oliver Brisbane QLD

March 2009 Tania

While on holiday at the Whitsundays, I came across a store that sold " Pure Essense" soaps, I fell in love with the smell of "antidote:. After using it, I could not believe how great it left my skin smelling and feeling. I have sinced bought green apple and honeycomb soaps as well as a shampoo/conditioner pack for my next week away.......Thank you for making such a quality product

3 Feb 2009 Rachel Allen NSW

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I love your products, especially the "Olive hand and body lotion". It smells so beautiful and feels really lovely on my skin. Its the little things when staying at a hotel that helps to make your stay feel more luxurious and the quality of the toiletries is one of them...Thanks for a great product.

3 January 2009 Nola Komis NSW

....Your products far exceeded any of the others I have every tried! Your moisturiser made my skin feel and smell beautiful and your soap...felt lovely on my skin. I had many comments from family and friends about your products and would love to be able to purchase them. Thank you for providing such a beautiful range and for making my skin glow.

3 November 2008 Kay Thomas S.A.

We stayed at The Edge holiday House in Robe... I loved the green tea hydrating shampoo and pomelo conditioner. We travel the world and stayed in many hotels but have to commend you on your outstanding products. I also use SALON products but yours easily surpass these.

16 July 2008 M.deVilliers New Zealand

I have spent many years making my own skin care products as I have sensitive skin and find the more natural the products, the better....and was AMAZED at how excellent they were. They are truly superb and I am talking to all my friends about them.

22 July 2008 Megan Bathie ACT

My husband and I were staying in a lovely self contained cabin....I decided to try the body wash. I just loved it and it was your Pure essense Rosemary & Olive body wash. I have been looking for a body wash for years and I was excited to find one. I love the smell, the feel, and as I have sensitive skin, it didnt effect it in any way. Im just letting you know that it is a wonderful product.

25 March 2008 Jill Robinson TAS.

The product is SO good & I really loved using it... It was a great pleasure to use such quality products & I recommend them unreservedly. I used the Spa pure essense range of products. I just LOVED them, they were some of the best products I've ever used. I found my hair, in particular, responded extremely well to the shampoo & conditioner & my skin felt soft & soothed by the body wash & moisturiser.

21 Feb 2008 Meg Higgins VIC.

Dear Robert,..... my hair has not been in great condition since I had treatment for cancer 6 years ago.....I normally use MOP and AVEDA Hair Products but thought yours superior in results...
Since discovering your Mango Shampoo and Lime Conditioner a few days ago, I am now converted! My hair felt clean, healthy and looked very shiny.

22 Jan 2008 Debbie Baker TAS.

I stayed at the Mecure Grand Hotel......my hair is very curly and at times unmanageable, but using Pure Essense shampoo and conditioner left my hair silky smooth and manageable....

My only dilemma being, how do i purchase more of your fantastic products....

29 Oct 2007 Grutzner family-Tasmania

Its been quite a journey since we discovered your wonderful product at a Melbourne hotel. We loved the green tea shampoo and Pomelo conditioner. When we got home, we were determined to try and get some more.......

7 Nov 2007 Fiona Venables VIC.

....I have found the Olive hand & body lotion so beautiful, refreshing and light. My husband laughs at me because I will often reach for it when I am stressed. Its like giving your skin a drink of water, and the smell is very relaxing, not overpowering or "false"......I ask for only one thing on my birthday and that was for more Olive hand & body Lotion.

18 Jan 2007 Daytona Electrical VIC.

My son.....his skin is sensitive and he is allergic to most soaps and body washes.....We have been trying to find a suitable wash that does not contain soap and is chemical free....
Pure essense body wash left his skin clear, free from rashes etc, no reaction at all...

26 July 2007 Mick Amato VIC.

....What ever you are doing - keep doing it. I now recommend your lotion to everyone....

Lucy Poulton-Ramada Hotel 13 Oct 2007

I just wish to say how happy we are at Ramada Inn with both the great service from Promocean and how much we like the products. We get plenty of good reports from our guest surveys, and we are happy since we know we are using products which are FRIENDLIER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT...

Abbotts Apartment Motels 24 Aug 2007

...Our guests are mainly overseas or interstate people....the number of comments from overseas travellers in particular as to the quality of and results from your shampoo and conditioner continues on a regular basis.........

....this is the best shampoo and conditioner they have ever used.....

Parkville Motel 27 Mar 2007

Motel Reception ...we were looking to check on what other companies were offering but we didn't get very far because we were so blown away by how customer oriented you are that were not interested in dealing with anyone else.....

Rose at Power Plus Wholesalers 26 July 2007

....I suffer from itchy and dry hands.....yet your hand lotion has worked wonders....

Harbour View Hotel 3 Oct 2007

...Pure Essense Range design are very innovative and elegant........

Alto Hotel on Bourke 5 Nov 2007

Promocean being a robust company not only provided a variety of products to suit our corporate hotel needs, but goes that extra mile in satisfying our customers needs consistently......

Deaf Children Australia 7 July 2008

Thank you for supporting our STAR mentoring program. Your donation has been gratefully received and will be put to maximum benefits where it is most needed.

2009 Wheelchair Sports Victoria

In recognition of your generous support of Team Victoria...

RSPCA 2007 World Animal Day Gala Ball

....warm & sincere thanks to Promocean for its generous donation of the Pure Essense Spa packs for our guest's gift bags. Without such support a night like this would not be such a success.....raising $180,000 for animal welfare & adoption services.

The Walk Arcade 30 Nov 2007

We would like to thank you for your great service, quality supplies and very competitve prices. Your professionalism in customer service, advice and recommendations to custom needs are second to none.......

Mary Immaculate School 2009

Presbyterian Ladies College Junior school 2009