Intense Hair Protection Complex

Discover the latest innovation in pampering and protection for your hair from the
harsh effects of the environment. So whether you having fun the sun, beaching or
just too busy to care, Pure Essense Intense hair treatment is the perfect anti-dote
to keeping your hair in top shape. The Green capsule will restore moisture and
nourish your hair while the Pink capsule will add shine, strength and manageability.

1x Intense Hair Shining Capsule,
1x Intense Hair Moisturising Serum

How to use:
Wash hair thoroughly. Snip open Green Capsule and apply liberally to wet hair.
Massage serum into hair and scalp.  Now snip open Pink capsule and apply this
to wet hair. Leave treatment in hair for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
For best results, leave treatment in hair over night.

Dermatologically tested: Code: 8315  Carton: 100 packs.

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