Liquis Range 20ml

Harnessing the raw, natural energy of the sea and oceans. A renewable resource rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins. Providing high anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties for great skin and hair repair, rejuvenation and hydration

With its 2 faced designs, Liquis tubes are versatile and you can change the look in an instant. One side makes for a contemporary expression, or you can instead choose to go with the clinical design.

Liquis Set Clinical 300 400 x 400




Clinical Style







Liquis Shampoo (Spirulina & Seaweed Extract)

Harnessing the rich, natural ocean flora: this shampoo is ideal for sensitive scalps due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the seaweed extract and it also reinforces and reinvigorates hair with nutrient rich spirulina essences.

Tube: 20ml Tube
Quantity: 300 per carton: Code: 8466

Dermatologically Tested. Not tested on animals.

Liquis Conditioner (Marine Collagen & Pro Vit B5)

Working in symbiotic harmony: the highly absorbent properties of our natural Type 1 Collagen work together with the natural Pro Vit BS to ensure hair is well-nourished to become healthier and stronger.

Tube: 20ml Tube
Quantity: 300 per carton: Code: 8467

Dermatologically Tested. Not tested on animals.

Liquis Body Wash (Spirulina & Sea Minerals)

Natural skin support and repair: full of nutrients from the sea water, used extensively since Ancient Times, Sea Minerals promote collagen and elastin while the antimicrobial benefits of Spirulina help to detoxify and restore skin vitality.

Tube: 20ml Tube
Quantity: 300 per carton: Code: 8468

Dermatologically Tested. Not tested on animals.

Body Lotion (Marine Collagen & Jojoba)

Enrich and enliven skin all over: by stimulating growth and strength of hair, skin and nails via the highly absorbent Marine Collagen, and aid skin repair with the hydrating and nourishing qualities of Jojoba Oil.

Tube: 20ml Tube
Quantity: 300 per carton: Code: 8469

Dermatologically tested.  Not tested on animals.

Marine Collagen

Highly absorbent, natural form of Type 1 collagen stimulates for stronger hair, skin and nails.

Sea Minerals

Used since Ancient Greece time to promote collagen and elastic, improve suppleness and health.

Seaweed Extract

Ideal for sensitive skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, also rich in antioxidants to protect against skin aging. Spirulina: Naturally antimicrobial to detoxify skin, full of nutrients to tone and restore skin vitality.

Pro Vit B5

Supports healthy looking skin by absorbing moisture rapidly.


Hydrates, nourishes and aids skin repair by working on skin cell regeneration and synthesis.

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