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  • Pure Essense – Our Story

Nine designer ranges, 36 unique scents and infinite possibilities. Welcome to the World of Pure Essense
luxury hotel guest amenities. We are Australia’s most influential skin care company to the accommodation industry.

The seduction begins the moment you open our bottles and take in that very first scent. Natural yet sophisticated, our beautiful perfumes are constructed from the expert blending of fresh floral oils, sweet fruits and earthy herbal accords. Creating a hypnotic sensory adventure, like no other. All this would not be complete without our expertise
in advance skin care research. Using both science and harnessing nature’s active botanicals, we have set a new bench mark to where all amenities will be compared to.

So how is that different from all other famous and generic amenities on the market?

Ours actually work!  We are pleased to have helped so many people with their skin and hair problems. These include customers with psoriasis and eczema, to those with scalp eruptions that medicine failed to have helped.
While to others, their main priority is just seeking beautiful and manageable hair.  We are humbled to the fact that Pure Essense is Australia’s most celebrated skin care amenities. That is why we are so proud to acknowledge that we have received more hand written testimonials than all the other combined amenities companies in Australia!

So what sets us apart?

Firstly, in our products, we actually put in the correct quantity of essential oils and active botanicals to ensure they work.  While many other companies claim to use similar ingredients, they are almost untraceable as they are expensive to use. There by resulting in no real benefits.

Secondly, we have replaced known allergens including SLS, Parabens and Mineral Oil ( Paraffinum Liquidum) with more therapeutical ingredients. All products are dermatologically tested for mildness and purity. Rest assured that they are proudly manufactured by our quality assured company compliance to ISO 22716 International Standards and GMP Certification (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines 2008).

So move away from the ordinary and towards a world of humble appeal and seduction.  What will be your Guests loving memories?

Refer to our testimonials and discover first hand what our customer are saying about us
and why you should be using Pure Essense luxury amenities.